Who are we? | FashionByTeresa

Who are we?

FashionByTeresa  is a chic, classy, modern, versatile, apparel store that provides complete outfits for every day and any occasion. FashionByTeresa  was launched with the idea that elegance, style, quality and value all in one location. My aim is to have a store that provides variety of styles, color and designs. It is to have a place for professional business look for the work day and after hours work dinner. It also allows for customers to express themselves in a fun and relaxed way.

FashionByTeresa is a Black Woman Owned business that we cater to all races, shapes and sizes. It is a brand that believe that fashion and style is personal and individual. It is a brand that is provides for regardless of age, gender, shape, race or beliefs.

FashionByTeresa is focused on providing a timeless fashion that creates confidence, elegance and inspiration. Our goal is to create a simple and yet elegant style that demands attention but still subtle and graceful. It is a brand that allows women and men, to express themselves in any way they wish.

FashionByTeresa  mission is "Elegance and style". 

Elegance is defined ad the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner; style.

Style is a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed. 

Elegance and style is individualized because fashion is not a one style fits all. We all not one size but unique in our distinctive ways and that makes our style different. We embrace every woman as their own person with unique taste in fashion.

FashionByTeresa is a Women Owned Business that is aimed at the everyday women and, men. 

FashionByTeresa  promotes the growth of all women to excel at the highest level they desired.  

FashionByTeresa aim is to provide affordable and enduring fashion with a timeless feel. Quality and affordability is our goal. It is the idea that answers the basic question. Can I wear it? Is it worth the price? Can I style it multiple ways? Can I wear it again by changing the accessories?

The ability to answer these questions our self, enables us to provide customer with excellent services. We are dedicated to our customers and will strive to provide excellent services and product. 

For more information, please visit www.fashionbyteresa.com