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Top 10 Fashion trends for 2022 spring: Getting ready for spring fashion

by Tessy Edomwandagbon 08 Jul 2022 0 Comments
Any fashion lover out there knows that we don't need a special occasion to dress up. We need just an excuse to glam up who needs a special occasion to dress up, right? Getting dressed up and finding the right outfit is an inexplicable joy and can make anyone's day better. 

With a few days left in spring, you might be wondering what fashion trends to follow. Whether you are dressing up to stay home or getting ready for spring fashion, you might need some inspiration for your fashion choices. Don't be afraid to channel your inner diva and be more extra and bright this spring.  
If you're getting ready for spring, remember 2022 is all about being bright, daring, and loud. Here's a comprehensive list of trends of women's spring fashion 2022 to help you look your best.

Show that tan:

Spring is the best time for some summer prep to get a tan and show off that glowing body. Mini dresses or skirts are an excellent choice for showing off those glowing tanned legs. A strapless mini dress is ideal for spring and will be one of the top trends in 2022 spring fashion.

Since the strapless silhouettes show a lot of neckline, arms, shoulders, and legs, It's ideal for showing off that perfect tan. Flaunt that smooth, radiant skin. These dresses are suitable for a girl's night out, a cocktail, special occasion, or a casual evening. 
While getting ready for spring fashion, you can also use this time to prepare for summer.

Choose comfort with style:

Who says you can't be stylish and comfortable? Nothing says comfortable and stylish more than chiffon blouses long-sleeve. 
You can wear them to work, family outings, gathering, or just for the sake of dressing up. They are pretty and ideal for your spring wardrobe. 

Monochromatic Outfits:

Monochromatic outfits are always in style, and they can make you look professional and ready for business.
If you prefer chic style, then a yellow plaid skirt and blazer should be a must-have in your wardrobe. You can wear it with a beret to add to be chicer. The monochromatic outfit will match your vibe with the season. 
Stand out with yellow color when everything around you in spring is fresh and bright. Be more daring and bold, and this spring is all about trying new colors and outfits.


Y2K is making a coming back as a fashion trend of 2022. Bella Hadid is no wonder an inspiration for the y2k comeback. She carries it so flawlessly and makes us swoon over her fashion sense. She has been sporting some y2k outfits on her Instagram.
The '90s and even some 2000's trends are making a comeback and can be seen mostly on Gen-Z's favorite app: Tik-Tok. If you're getting ready for spring fashion, don't forget to add some Y2k clothing items to your cart.

Refresh your wardrobe with the classics.

As much as we like exploring new wardrobe items, it's always a good idea to trust some essentials. If you like to play it safe with your fashion choices, it's always better to trust the classics because they never go out of style. 
Trench coats and Prada coats are wardrobe items that will never go out of style. They have been showcased in stores and runaways. There are so many bright options to choose from. 
Coats make a statement, making you look stylish with minimal effort.

Break out of your sweats: 

Aren't we all tired of staying at home in our sweats for the last year? We could all surely use a break from our pj's and sweatpants.
Ditch your sweats this spring for some ribbed knitwear. Why would you choose a pair of sweats when you have options like Jacquemus knit linen midi polo dress and a Ganni turtle neck sweater.

With the right pair of sandals and bags, these outfits can create a perfect minimalist look. Whether you're only going for groceries, going outdoors on a casual brunch, or just dressing up to stay at home.

Make a statement with your sleeves: 

Puff sleeves are back! You can feel breezy with a Carolina puff sleeve maxi dress for a perfect outdoor look.
Getting ready for spring fashion and seeing new fashion trends can be exciting. You get to discover new fashion trends and go shopping.  

A little bit of craft:

A little bit of craft never hurts anyone. You can support small businesses by getting hand-painted jackets or tie-dyes. You can do your DIY project. 
Hand-painted jackets are items that can stay in your wardrobe for a long time. They can spark conversation and make you stand out with their unique style and design. While you’re getting ready for spring fashion, you can do a little DIY project of your own or hand-paint a jacket.

Flaunt those curves:

Fashion trends 2022 are all about revealing cuts and showing our curves. Celebrate your body by trying out revealing and curve-hugging dresses. You might get inspired by Gigi Hadid's style, the plunging necklines, and the curve-hugging dresses. 
After slouching off in our sweats and pj's for so long, we deserve to flaunt our curves and dress up for ourselves. Don't forget all bodies are worth celebrating.
Don't go shopping without discovering your favorite trends if you're getting ready for spring fashion.

Floral Prints or Psychedelics:

Floral sundresses are the best thing about spring. Feel free to wear floral prints floral printed sundresses. Not only are they ideal for a cute picnic, but they are also light, breezy, and comfortable for spring. We all know buying some cute floral prints is the first step toward getting ready for spring fashion.
Pair your dress with accessories and let your outfit speak for itself. Floral print psychedelic skirts can be paired with small prints. Tom ford has never shied away from loud prints and exciting color combos. The Tom ford psychedelic skirt paired with a small print top is a fun outfit to wear outdoors. 
The right accessories and shoes can amp up your whole look. This spring, don't be afraid to make bold fashion choices.
After years of staying home and wearing your pj's, you might need a little help getting ready for spring fashion, whether you're going out or staying at home. It's never a bad time to go all extra. 
Here's a tip for getting ready for spring fashion. Choose an outfit that feels the most like you because we feel our best when we look our best.
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