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The 2022 Fashion guide: Pantsuit for Women

by Tessy Edomwandagbon 08 Jun 2022 0 Comments

Every woman needs a good pantsuit in her wardrobe. It isn't easy to find a good suit that looks professional and classy. That's why Fashion by Teresa offers a wide range of pantsuits for different occasions.

Wearing a pantsuit doesn't mean it always has to be strictly formal. You can wear a pantsuit with proper shoes for office and work meetings. You can wear a pantsuit to a wedding, and you can style your hair and wear heels with it. 

A tuxedo suit can be an ideal choice for a wedding. You can wear a tuxedo suit to a wedding or black-tie events, business dinners, charity events, formal parties, evening events, and even some semi-formal places are the perfect time to wear a tuxedo or a pantsuit.

Women's Tuxedo suit for wedding:

Well, let's go all out with this tuxedo. This tuxedo deserves all the attention it gets. Anyone can pull this look off. Suppose dresses aren't your thing; style this tuxedo at your wedding. Make heads turn by wearing this bright olive-yellow pantsuit to the wedding. 

This V-neck long sleeves pantsuit has pockets! Well, almost every pantsuit has pockets, but that doesn't mean we're going to get less excited about it, are we?

Wine red elegant tuxedo blazer with black lapel. We're swooning over this elegant wine-red tuxedo. Its main features would be its basted sleeves, a straight hem, and a nice black peak lapel. The blazer and pants are fitted, and the pant is ankle-length.

This red tux would be a great option to wear at the wedding. The best thing about this pantsuit is that you can wear it on several different occasions. Although it might not be proper office attire, you can wear it to a diner or an evening event. 

This bright wine red color pantsuit can make you feel comfy yet classy. 

Pair this tuxedo with high heels and bright lipstick, a ponytail, or you can style it however you like it.

Velvet Pantsuit:

Velvet is the new hot trend. You can embrace this trend by trying out a velvet pantsuit. Why not start by trying out this navy blue velvet pantsuit. This velvet pantsuit has a fitted silhouette and full-length flare pants. This formal pantsuit is so chic and enough to make a statement. 

We're in love with this notched collar fitted blazer look. A sleek ponytail and the right set of earrings can pop up your whole look.

Velvet pants are versatile and can be paired with a simple blazer if you don't like a complete velvet look. 

This Velvet Wide-leg Pantsuit blazer comes in a soft pink color. This long-sleeved pantsuit has a peak lapel and side tie. Chest welt pockets and structured shoulders give it a nice formal look. 

It comes in a dark blue color, and you can choose your favourite color. No matter what the color is, this pantsuit stands out on its own. 

Belted Blazer Dress:

Belted blazer dresses are in trend right now, and we can say it's for the right reasons. This dress deserves all the hype it gets. 

Check out this Beige belted blazer by Fashion by Teresa. It is selling fast and is one of the most hot-selling items on the site! Give it a try before it runs out of stock.

Office attire can not be comfy. Well, that's a myth. This cute belted blazer has a skirt. Skirt suits are becoming more common nowadays as office attire and even formal events. 

We're in love with this outfit, the mandarin collar, the beige belt, and the overall breathable, comfy fabric. 

Double-breasted suit for ladies:

The double-breasted suits give your look a certain panache that's unbeatable. These pantsuits have a classic cut and are flattering. 

Please take a look at this black double-breasted pantsuit can tell us you don't want to wear it to your next business meeting. It is soft, comfortable, and breathable. The pantsuit has a slim fit but is slightly stretchable.

The pantsuit has a turn-downed collar available in white and red colors. This suit is an ideal option for any woman. 

Don't miss out on this Pink V-neck Double-breasted Pantsuit. The blazer has a peak lapel and front buttons. The structured shoulders make it look professional and stylish. Check out the chest welt pocket and hip flap pockets too! Yes, we're not going to shut up about the pockets.

Fit silhouette might not be everyone's thing. If you're looking for a loose fit, you should try another pantsuit from our site. This red double-breasted loose-fit women's pantsuit comes in a variety of colors. 

Although the hot red color gives it a bold look, this pantsuit doesn't look any less ethereal in any other color. We're highlighting these pantsuits because they sell like hotcakes, and we don't want you to miss out. 

Coral Block Pantsuit: 

Here's a different look for you—Coral Color block double-breasted flare pantsuit. 

One solid color pantsuits are highly professional and worn on formal events. But that doesn't mean that you only have to wear monochromatic outfits. 

This classic coral pantsuit has a peak lapel and front buttons on the blazer. V-neck, long-sleeves, flare pants, and button sleeves, what is there not to love about this statement pantsuit. 


We can't just mention pantsuits and ignore this Yellow three-piece double-breasted pantsuit. The long sleeves have button cuffs. A three-piece pantsuit comprises a vest, a blazer, and pants. If all three items are made from the same color, it can be a cool outfit for work and semi-formal events. 

Bottom Line:

If you've never worn pantsuits before, then going with a classic pantsuit can never go wrong. Office-appropriate attire doesn't have to be boring or plain, and you can switch up your work wardrobe any time. Take a break from the mundane routine and check out our pantsuit collection at our site. 

A pantsuit for women is ideal for any occasion, and changing your work wardrobe might be a good idea. The start of the new season is the best time to go shopping.


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