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Women Blazers- The Perfect Work Attire

by Tessy Edomwandagbon 09 Dec 2021 0 Comments

In today's workplaces, figuring out what defines business casual for women may be difficult. A business casual dress code might differ based on where you reside, the sector you work in, and the organization you work for. Whereas one firm embraces the business casual dress code with a more laid-back standard (t-shirts and jeans are permitted), another would demand nothing less than a fancy jacket and gleaming shoes.

Every girl's wardrobe should include a blazer. It is an amazing piece of clothing for dressing up a casual outfit, layering over a dress on a fantastic summer night, wearing to work, or wearing a complete suit. Whatever the event, there is bound to be a women's blazer that suits your budget. The aim is to select the appropriate fabric and color and achieve the perfect fit. A linen blazer may be more suitable for a summer day, whereas a dark-colored wool blazer may be more appropriate for an office setting. The blazer is also a great way to add layers to your outfit. It'll look great over a shirt, a dress, a sweater, or anything else! You can also decide to wear it alone as the most outer layer or layer it with a coat. It all depends on the weather and environment in which you live, as well as the occasion.

As for which blazer shape to opt for, it's all about picking the style that makes you feel the most confidence. But if you're looking for a bit of guidance, consider the following: 

Waisted — styles and those that nip in at the waist will highlight your waistline, shaping boyish frames and complimenting an hourglass shape. 

Open-front — open designs that skim the body and elongate the torso create a streamlined silhouette and are often considered the best plus-size blazers. When it comes to choosing a blazer shape, it's all about finding one that makes you feel the most secure. However, if you need some pointers, consider the following:

Waisted — designs with a nip in the waist will draw attention to your waistline, elongating boyish frames and complementing an hourglass figure. Open-front blazers are typically the finest plus-size jackets because they skim the body and extend the torso, creating a sleek profile.

Cropped blazers: These are ideal for Petites since they don't overwhelm a tiny frame.

Oversized — give your ensemble a laid-back vibe. Use a fitting bottom half to balance out excessive proportions.

Classic double-breasted designs provide a strong shoulder line, making them ideal for balancing larger hips.

Longline blazers, which hit mid-thigh, look great on tall women who can handle the extra length.

Make sure the style you pick is fitting — not tight across the shoulders, and that you can move your arms around freely without it tugging.


Black Blazers
Every organization has a different on-duty dress code, whether completely corporate or a relaxed, casual work environment. It may be challenging to find the proper balance of comfort and appropriateness for work attire. A black blazer is an excellent garment for ladies to possess since it appears both respectable and put-together. A well-tailored black blazer may make you seem both professional and strong.

Blazer with stripes
Adding a work-appropriate pattern like checks or stripes to your formal suit is a simple way to add interest. Both designs are timeless and distinct from the common solids. A slightly longer-length jacket has become increasingly popular for its easy appearance, and it is affordable.

Black Blazer With An Elastic Waist Belt

To freshen up your formal style:

  1. Go for a slouchy blazer with an elastic belt accent instead of the stiff blazers. The tightened waist will make you seem slimmer, and the gold ring will make you feel dressed up with no effort.
  2. Choose a blazer that has viscose elastane fabric, making it suitable for all seasons.
  3. Pair this blazer with a patterned top instead of a plain shirt to make your appearance entirely different.

Dotted black blazer
Another design that may be put into a blazer for business is tiny polka dots. To put together a party ensemble, pair this blazer with a silk blouse, and for work, pair it with a clean white shirt and tapered slacks to appear formal and elegant. Frill trimmings, lace, and transparent panels are a few more elements you may play around with for both the office and special occasions.

Zipped Tailored Blazer
A zippered blazer is a no-fuss take on the traditional business blazer. This jacket will make you seem edgy and fashion-forward without the lapels or tonal buttons essential to a fitted blazer. The zipper design on this blazer is the focal point, and it would look fantastic with striped t-shirts and blouses. Pair this blazer with a t-shirt and jeans combo for a casual Friday outing or a cold-weather outing.

Double-breasted blazers
If you currently own a traditional blazer, a double-breasted jacket might be a welcome variation. This jacket is ideal for layering over fine-knit pullovers and turtlenecks in the winter. Neon turtlenecks paired with a solid coat are a street-style take on a traditional look. There are a lot of looks you can pull off, having blazers in your wardrobe. Ensure to get both stripes, double-breasted and even plain blazers; they will do you good!

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