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The Ultimate Guide to Choose Women Suits

by Tessy Edomwandagbon 25 Aug 2021 0 Comments

In the older days, women wear suits as business attire only. Giving them comfort, and style even at the stress of the workplace. But now, suits are also used and worn even on the most formal occasions. They are even worn on special occasions or just casual days. Suits are now a new fashion trend for both men and women.

Suits are a fixed set of outfits that are designed to be worn together. They are made from the same fabrics with the same designs or patterns. It is usually worn for business purposes like meetings or conventions.

“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it. —Edith Head”

What are the different kinds of suits for women?

Pant Suits

Pantsuits, also known as trouser suits, consist of a set of pants and matching jackets or coats. It is adopted or patterned on the masculine style and is usually worn in jobs for heavy industry.

Business Suits

Women Business Suits

As the name suggests, business suits are worn in business areas of establishments. It is more conservative in design and color. It is usually in pants or skirts, especially for women.

Wedding Suits

Traditionally, a bride wears a gown or a dress on her wedding day. Long gowns, dresses, or even short ones are what a bride would usually wear. But as time goes by and trends begin to differ, women are now interested in wearing bride suits on their wedding day. Traditionally made in white fabric, wedding suits are more comfortable and sophisticated than wedding dresses.

Suit Jackets

Suit jackets are coats or jackets that usually come with the whole set of the outfit. It is also called a lounge jacket and has different varieties like the single and double-breasted jacket, which differs in the number of buttons and their use. Some of them are for display only.

Power Suits

These are suits that show power or authority. Conservatively designed and tailored, it is usually worn by people with high positions in a company or business. It typically has a solid color or small patterns or designs. It has a color-coordinated rule when it comes to shoes, belts, and accessories. Worn by professionals, this suit speaks control, and supremacy in the business and professional world.

How to choose the style and color to wear?

Selecting the best suit for your body type has different factors to consider. Here is some list in considering the style and color of your suit:

Hourglass Type - this shape is excellent with suits that accentuate the figures and is best with wrap-style coats and jackets.

Straight Type - longer-line blazers and high or low-rise trousers are best in this kind of body type.

Apple type - with this body shape, blazer jackets or long-line jackets with a V shape in front.

Pear Type - cropped coats and jackets or boxy style and high-waisted with wide-leg trousers are the best for this kind of body type.

Choosing the right ladies suits for you has many considerations, but always remember that comfort, affordability, and convenience is the most essential factor to consider.

Final Note

At FashionByTeresa we have a great range of women's suits that will suit any figure, any skin tone and any occasion.
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