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Create A Sophisticated Look With Women Business Suits | Fashion By Teresa

by Tessy Edomwandagbon 07 Aug 2021 0 Comments

When it comes to business, nothing is more important than your first impression. Your whole business ethos can be interpreted in your style and an appropriately professional-looking suit. For women, the different styles available and the aura they convey can seem endless. It can be hard to decide whether your business suit should make you look sharp and confident, a little masculine, or even subtly sexy. Here we look at a number of different styles to help you choose the best suit to create the exact impression you have been looking for.


Tuxedo blazer

Women Business Blazers

Perhaps the most striking element that turns an ordinary skirt or blouse into a full-blown suit, the right blazer can make or break your entire look. The cut is probably the most important point to consider and with so many different styles available you can have any number of black pantsuits or pink tailored suits that all look unique. Factoring in your body shape when choosing your blazer can also be crucial. For example, straighter shapes or "apple" types with less of a waist would probably look best in a long-line jacket or one cut at the hips. Green tailored suits in this style look elegant and sophisticated. Pear shapes with a smaller waist and chest can look great in short-cropped jackets and bright colors, especially yellow pantsuits. Similarly, an hourglass figure looks fantastic in a belted blazer with symmetrical buttons. An open blazer is another great style that particularly suits those with a larger bosom, allowing you to show off an attractive blouse. White double-breasted suits are a chic touch, especially for summer, while navy blue pantsuits are versatile enough to wear all year round.

Blue checkerd blazer

Women Business Pants or Skirt

Both skirts and pants can look equally flattering and feminine if you choose the right style. The tailored skirt suit is a staple in any conscientious business woman's wardrobe. To keep a professional look, aim for a length no shorter than just above the knee and avoid anything tightly figure-hugging. A pencil skirt suit always looks classy, and other skirt styles can also look great in the office. For example, pastel skirt suits with an A-line skirt are both fashionable and formal, while flared suits in different lengths can make any businesswoman appear confident. Skirt suits with longer blazers can look formal yet chic, and different fabrics and textures offer a variety of styles for different seasons.

Business pantsuits always look sophisticated. They have the air of a woman very much in control. Black pantsuits with slim fit trousers look elegant especially when cut at the ankle to emphasize a great pair of shoes. Alternatively, high-waisted trousers or those with a coordinating belt can also look stunning with the right blazer if you want to compliment your waist. This works particularly well with bolder colors like red pantsuits. Similarly, low-cut trousers look great with an open blazer and a loose-fitting blouse for everyday office wear.

White and black pantsuitBlue belted pantsuit

Choose the Right Color

As well as selecting the right cut and fabric, your choice of color can also help create the right impression for businesswear. This is where women have more opportunities than men who are mostly restricted to darker colors. Black is always a popular color for formal wear and offers plenty of choices when it comes to choosing a shirt. It gives off a cool, formal, and confident impression and can look extremely chic with the right accessories. On the other hand, if you want to make a very strong impression in the board room you could opt for a striking red skirt suit to make you appear highly confident and powerful. Pastels are another way to create a strong impression with a slightly softer effect and are very much in fashion at the moment. Alternatively, deep navy pantsuits exude power with a little more formality for a subtly feminine yet powerful feel. Forest colors like mint green pantsuits also create a serious and creative impression.

Whichever type of business suit you prefer to wear, the right blouse can also make all the difference. A crisp clean white shirt always looks smart, while women are also lucky enough to be able to choose from a plethora of feminine blouses to either soften or sharpen the look. Contrasting colors are always stylish but for a more striking effect that is very much en vogue right now, you could even opt to wear the same color blouse as your suit.

The right shoes can make or break the look of a business suit. Heels with a closed toe are feminine yet powerful and go well with almost every style of trousers. However, not everyone is comfortable in heels throughout the working day. A professional look can also be achieved with trendy brogues or flat shoes, especially if they are shiny and polished.

Many women like to mix and max to create a bespoke suit that suits their style and shape, but there is little more classy than a tailor-made matching suit. Shopping for your business attire can be fun as you can create a number of different looks which will be suitable for the office as long as you choose the right fit. Nothing looks more professional than a suit that appears made-to-measure just for you, and with so much to choose from you can be sure to create the look you want.

Final Note: 
At FashionByTeresa we have a great range of women's suits that will suit on any figure. When you dress in business professional attire, you are wearing generally conservative clothing to portray yourself in a professional manner. Women can wear a skirt or pants suit with heels which gives you a classic look. Browse our collection of women's suits now.

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